CUSTOM uZAPPit™ Smart Tags

Award-winning smartphone QR code technology that Shark Tank embraced!

Our award-winning uZAPPit® Smart Tags are the only customer engagement product that uses the Smart Phone as a way to capture customers and “talk back and forth” with them.

So cool that Shark Tank picked it as one of their potential products. To get started, request a Quick Quote by filling out the short form on this page. Minimum: 1000 smart tags.

custom uZAPPit smart tags

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Your business is continually offering something new.

Be it a new product, special event, service promotion, or information, the problem is the high cost that goes into marketing and promoting each new product.

Especially when the deal lasts for a short time.

That problem just ended as an innovator since 1984 Pacific Emblem has outdone themselves by allowing companies to engage its customers with an exciting new product called the uZAPPit™ Smart Tag.

This simple yet powerful promotional product utilizes the latest technology in smartphone marketing all contained on a standard or custom shaped aluminum smart tag.

Here’s how it works

Your business distributes uZAPPit™ smart code keychains to past, current, and or potential customers.

On one side of the keychain is your logo or brand printed from one to full color vibrant graphics, and on the other side is the uZAPPit™ smart code or QR code that Pacific Emblem customizes for you.

Customers then zap the smart codes with their smartphones sending them instantly to your company’s website, SMS phone number, or message.

There is no software for the customer to install and smart codes work on any smartphone once the free QR app is downloaded.

The genius of the uZAPPit™ smart tag is that your business has total control over the content that appears on the customer’s phone.

One week you may advertise a giveaway at your store and the next your latest product launch or even give information on concerts, events, and special discounts.

Changing the content is totally up to you and the best part is that uZAPPit™ smart tags are trendy, fun, and have the marketing muscle of a $100,000 + dollar campaign, all for under .99¢ each!

Give us a call at 800-872-8778 to see how uZAPPit™ smart tags can work for your business.

Or, request a Quick Quote by filling out the short form on this page.

Remember, when uZAPPit™ you sell it. – the quiet FORCE in Custom Patches, Headwear and Accessories since 1985!