Perfect for events, releases, promotions, or just plain relaxation!

OK…I am sure many of you have seen those Stress-relieving, spinning gizmos out there, right?

Well….they are called Fidget Spinners, Tension Spinners, Relaxing Spinners and more!  Pretty cool idea right? We think so. Why not let Pacific Emblem help promote your brand using our low cost ABS/Bearing custom fidget spinners (between $1.95-$3.55 depending on quantity) OR…. better yet, create a high end retail version that retails for $19.95-up. Custom fidget spinners available in a choice of Brass, Nickel plated, Gold Plated, LED lighted and more!

Fads come and go for sure and this will last awhile due to the branding option, so don’t delay, “Spin” on over to our email and send Your logo and quote request to