Do you crave to have your unique style? Do you want your brand to be set apart from the crowd? We thought so!

We at Pacific Emblem Company provide that exact feeling. Our custom rubber and PVC patches for clothing will help you define yourself in a techy and fun way.

These Soft PVC patches for clothes are pliable lightweight, waterproof, dustproof, and can be raised to a 2D level.  They’re built to last for a very long time.

As an individual user, they can set your unique look for a party, date night, adventurous outing, or even on a corporate trip.

For businesses, these clothing patches are a great way to create a unique brand identity that sets you and your employees apart from competitors.

Rubber/Soft PVC are great for the uniforms of all US military and law enforcement (ie TACTICAL, SWAT, BOMB SQUAD) agencies due to its sturdiness and long lasting ways.

Wondering about the size, color and style of our rubber patches for clothes? Well, why not, You tell us that?

Just fill out this short form below with your specific requirements and let us find out the best quick quote for your request.

Customize Your Rubber Patches for Clothing

It is true that every patch presents a unique personality. Pacific Emblem Company can help you to customize the personality of your patch.

But what all to customize? Let’s find out!

  • Choose Any Shape & Size: Be it any geometric or organic shape, just tell us the size and we will precision-cut to your liking.
  • Choose Any Attachment & Backing option: Sewing, adhesives, magnets, hook-&-loop – Be free to tell us your poison!
  • Additional Features: Want a better tactile appeal? Why not include elements like glow-in-dark, reflective surfaces, or unique textures? We allow up to 9 colors on our Rubber/Soft PVC patches

Why Choose Us?

There are a great many options in the market of custom PVC patches for hats and other clothing.

But there are some features that set our product apart from the others.

  • Eye-Catching Design Options: Goodbye to traditional patches. Select from our modern and bold designs which can be the new trendsetters!
  • 3D Texture and Dimensionality: Flat patches are lifeless & uncool. Let’s try patches with the next levels of texture & dimensionality! (2D and 3D available)
  • Vibrant Colors and High Level of Detail: Want to create an even better visual effect? Try our patches with vibrant colors and rich details! (up to 9 colors). We even offer a mixed medium with Soft PVC Raised and Printed!

Don’t just take our word for it. Find the latest reviews and testimonials for our products Here.

Custom PVC Patches for Hats

We know what you are searching for. Custom PVC patches for hats, right?

Well, we have left no stone unturned. Our customized rubber patches for hats are known for their high durability and style. They can be sewn on or applied using our Male and Female Hook and Loop.

Our Rubber/Soft PVC patches are best for apparel brands looking to enhance their hats for the fashion industry, military & law enforcement agencies, or outdoor & adventure brands.

We Have Made it Easy for You!

Wondering how to order your custom PVC patches for hats and other clothing? It’s as easy as lifting your finger.

  • Request a quick quote.
  • Talk to our representatives, and tell them about any of your special requirements.
  • Pay your price.
  • And done! Just wait a few days for the magic to happen!

Still thinking? But why? Talk to our representative, and find your quote today!


  • How much does it cost to get custom patches made?

The cost of custom patches will depend on several factors, like, design, size, shape, material, type of backing, or any additional requirements by the customer. It’s best to contact our representative to know the exact costing for you. Minimums are 250 pcs for All Rubber/Soft PVC patches

  • How do you put rubber patches on clothes?

The PVC rubber patches can be put on clothes and hats via sewing, adhesives, magnets, or hook-&-loop method.

  • What machine do you need to make PVC patches for clothes?

The molds are first made in accordance with the client’s design requirements to make PVC patches for clothes. Then, the injection molding process is used to finalize the work. There are small mold charges and FREE over 1000 patches.