Pacific Emblem, one of the newer companies to join the NAUMD network, will showcase its latest products at NAUMD’s annual convention in Daytona, Florida, this May.

Among the products that the 35-year-old custom manufacturer of patches and emblems (including LaserCUT, Woven, Dye Sub, Chenille, Rubber, TPU, Metal and more) will introduce to attendees is its latest patented innovation, SmartPatch®, a technology product that allows the world’s most iconic brands to connect directly with their biggest customers/ fans, engaging followers and customers in a way they’ve never seen or done before.

Developed as the world’s first and only brand engagement system, SmartPatch® provides endless opportunities for direct and instantaneous communication to a full variety of specific audiences. When you “Swype” over a custom SmartPatch® or Keychain, you are instantly connected to any number of messages, contests, promotions, prizes, VIP Memberships, videos and private communications from your favorite products, brands and services.

“Being in the patch business for years, we are excited to learn more about NAUMD and enjoy the opportunity to work with its network of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors,“ said owner Rich “Dr. Patch” Soergel, who received the nickname years ago by wearing a lab coat that when opened, reveals a bevy of patches. “Our breadth goes far, and we know that our patch and emblem program is unmatched and wait til you see the power of SmartPatch®…. truly mind-blowing!”

Make sure to stop by the booth of “the quiet FORCE in custom patches and emblems,” as the company is known, this May in Daytona.

Visit to learn more. You can also learn more about SmartPatch® by visiting