In today’s world of Mask Pandemonium, where every one has to wear a mask, Pacific Sportswear Company reinvented themselves in April 2020 and launched a line of the world’s MOST comfortable, safety-tested and branded masks called SofMask™ The goal was to come up a super comfortable 3-ply mask that was not only washable, reusable and water resistant, but featured a proprietary anti-fog nose guard to keep that annoying steam off your glasses. They accomplished their goal and SofMask (coined the PM95 for “public masks”) was born in 2020 and continues to keep all those safe during the pandemic in 2021.

SofMask is out in force protecting Police, Fire/EMT, Hotels, Casinos, Airlines, Tradeshows, Fast Food, Entertainment venues and more and knows that the essential worker has to be as safe as possible during their job. SofMask can be branded with embroidery, screen printing and even a full-color Dye Sublimation process to carry the logo across the front. “I am telling you”….says inventor Rich S (aka Dr. Mask)…”everyone who trys on our mask is sold…and with so much competition out there, the key our growth has been to send out a sample Sofmask to potential customers. Once they try it, they are hooked and end up ordering for their brand. This is truly the last mask a company or brand will need,” he says with a smile!

A retail version of SofMask is available at with over 20 fun, cool and creative designs and those who end up buying online, continue to come back for more!

Pacific Sportswear Co. (SoCal based) is an innovative custom Headwear, Patch, FaceWear and Accessories manufacturer/importer since 1985 and is proud to help to keep those brave employees and essential workers and the public safer during COVID-19.